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Book Suggestions:
If you Give a Cat a Cupcake by Laura Numeroff
Cat by Matthew Van Fleet
The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss
Moonlight: the Halloween Cat by Cynthia Rylant
Black Cat Creeping by Teddy Slater
Millions of Cats by Wanda Gag
Angus and the Cat by Marjorie Flack
Have you Seen My Cat? by Eric Carle
Scary Scary Halloween by Eve Bunting


Paper Plate Cats:
Materials: paper plate, paint, scissors, construction paper
Description: Talk to your toddler about cats or read your little one a book about cats. Tell them that they will make a cat. Have them paint a paper plate whatever color they want their cat to be (if you are doing this around Halloween, you and your toddler could make the cat black). As they are doing this ask them what shape the plate is and what color they are painting it. Cut out two triangles from black paper, one triangle from white paper, two circles from white paper, and one rectangle from white paper. Show these shapes to your toddler and ask them to name each shape. Help them glue the two black triangles to the top of the plate for ears, the two white cirlces for eyes, the white triangle for a nose and the white rectangle for the cat's mouth. (or you could cut out two circles for the eyes)
Sklls Targeted: teach your tot shape recognition, teach your tot color recognition, teach your tot language development, teach your tot motor skill development
Soft and Hard:
Materials: a box or bag, several soft objects (cotton balls, felt, feathers), several hard objects (block, book etc)
Description: Talk with your toddler about how a cat feels. If you have a pet cat take a few minutes and pet your cat (or you could pet a stuffed animal cat). Talk with your toddler about how a cat feels soft. Place all the soft and hard objects in a bag or box. Have your little one stick their hand in the bag and take out one object at a time. Ask them if the object is hard or soft. Sort all the objects into hard or soft.
Skills Targeted: teach your tot to compare and contrast, teach your tot the opposites hard and soft, teach your tot sensory development,

Taking Care of a cat:
Description: Talk with your toddler about how to take care of a pet. What do pets need everyday? If you have a pet cat, have your little one help you give your cat fresh water and food and brush your pet all week. If you do not have a pet cat, you could pretend to feed and brush a stuffed animal cat.
skills Targeted: teach your tot responsibility, teach your tot to care for a pet, teach your tot that animals need food and water to survive, teach your tot life skills

Pin the Tail on the Cat:
Materials: large piece of paper, black marker or crayon, scissors, tape, black construction paper
Description: Draw a large cat on a big piece of paper. You and your little one can color it together. (Since it is Halloween week, it might be fun to make a black cat). Draw and cut out several tail shapes from black construction paper. Double up tape and put a piece of each tail. Pin the cat picture on the wall. Have your toddler close their eyes or blindfold them and see if they can pin the tail on the cat. This might be a fun game to play with friends too!
Skill Targeted: teach your tot motor skill development, teach your tot to learn through play, teach your tot to follow directions
Materials: construction paper (orange, white, yellow, black, red), scissors
Description: This activity is a great activity to prepare for Halloween. Cut out several orange pumpkins, white ghosts, yellow moons, black cats and red candy from construction paper (you could also print these shapes using clipart form you computer). Lay them in front of your toddler and have your toddler sort each colored object. When they are finished, have them identify each color and count the objects in each group.
Skills Targeted: teach your tot to sort, teach your tot color recognition, teach your tot shape recognition
Halloween Color Song:
Materials: construction paper, marker, glue
Description: This activity will also help your toddler get in the Halloween spirit! Cut out a large orange pumpkin, white ghost, black cat, brown spider, yellow moon, red leaf from construction paper. Glue each one to a popsicle stick and write the color word on each shape. You or your toddler can hold up the correct colored object as you sing The Halloween Color Song from below!
Skills Targeted: teach your tot color recognition, teach your tot color word recognition, teach your tot language development
The three little Kittens:
Materials: construction paper, scissors, or real mittens
Description: Read The Three Little Kittens to your toddlers. Explain to them that kittens are baby cats. When you have finished reading the book, see if your toddler can recall parts of the book. (What happened, first, next and last) Lay several pairs of mittens (or you can cut your own mitten shapes from construction paper. Be sure to use different colors for each pair). Have your toddler match each pair of mittens.
Skills Targeted: teach your tot story recollection, teach your tot to match, teach your tot color recognition, teach your tot language development
Pretend to be a Kitty:
Description: Your toddler can crawl around the house meowing as they pretend to be a kitty. You could even paint their nose black and add some whiskers for extra fun.

Styrofoam Cat Cup:
Materials: styrofoam cup, black paint, googly eyes, popsicle sticks, black and pink construction paper, pipe cleaners, glue
Description: Your toddler can make a cute black cat for Halloween. Have them paint he cut black and set it upside down. As it is drying cut out two triangles from black construction paper for ears and glue each one to a small popsicle stick. Stick the popsicle sticks completely into the bottom of the cup so that you can only see the ears. Glue on the googly eyes and a pink nose from construction paper. Cut black pipe cleaners in half and stick them into the cup under the nose, as whiskers. These would make cute place holders at a Halloween Party.
Skills Targeted: teach your tot to be creative, teach your tot color recognition, teach your tot motor skill development

Letter C:
Materials: Construction paper, scissors, marker
Description: Cut out a large cat shape from construction paper or print one from clipart. Show it to your toddler and talk about how Cat begins with letter C. Ask them to make the C sound several times. Write a large letter C on the cat and refer to this throughout the week, reviewing letter C. You could also try to find other things around your house that begin with letter C.
Skills Targeted: teach your tot letter recognition, teach your tot letter sound recognition.
Sand Paper C:
Materials: sand paper, scissors, glue, paper
Description: Continue building your sand paper letter book this week by making letter C. Cut letter C from sandpaper and glue it onto a piece of paper. Punch a hole in it and attach it to the rest of your letters. Throughout the week, trace letter C with your child's finger saying the letter and the sound. Review the other letters as well.
Skills Targeted: teach your tot letter recognition, teach your tot letter sound recognition, teach your tot sensory development
Check out this post for directions on how to make these sandpaper letters

Songs and Fingerplays:

(sung to the tune of Jingle Bells)

Cats, Cats, Cats,
Cats, Cats, Cats
Cats are soft.
They have four paws
One long tail,
And say Meow.

Cats, Cats, Cats,
Cats, Cats, Cats,
Have pointy ears.
One wet nose,
long whiskers too
I love cats don't you!

Black Cat:

Black Cat, Black Cat
I see you
On Halloween Night.
Black Cat, Black Cat
I see you
Creeping out of sight.
Black Cat, Black Cat,
I see you
with whiskers and gold eyes.
Black Cat, Black Cat,
I see you
hissing at trick or treaters walking by.

The Halloween Color Song:
(sung to the tune of Bingo)

On Halloween I saw a pumpkin
And it was orange.
The pumpkin was Orange.

On Halloween I saw a ghost
And it was white.
The ghost was white.

On Halloween I saw a cat
And it was black
The cat was black.

On Halloween I saw a moon
And it was yellow.
The moon was yellow.

On Halloween I saw a spider
And it was brown.
The spider was brown.

On Halloween I saw some leaves
And they were red.
R (pause)-E-D
R (pause)-E-D
R (pause)-E-D
The fall leaves were red.

Online Fun:

Coloring Pages:
Check out for a couple of Halloween Cat coloring sheets:
Cat 1
Cat 2
Here are a lot of different cat coloring sheets (non-Halloween).
Check out for some fun cat videos:
Elmo's World: All about cats
My Cat
Seven Cats :You could make 7 construction paper cats and write the numbers 1-7 on them. Practice Counting to 7 with your toddler using the cats.

Black Cat Cookies:
Ingredients: cookie dough, cat cookie cutter (wal-mart has a great one), black icing, yellow icing
Directions: Prepare dough and roll it out according to packaging directions. Cut the dough using the cat cookie cutter. Bake the cookies and when they cool use black icing to decorate them. You can add yellow dots for eyes. These are fun for Halloween festivities coming up this weekend!

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