Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Journal

"Celebrate Summer - Sun drenched days and starlit nights..."
Gooseberry Patch

The beach, the pool, running in a sprinkler, backyard cookouts, camp outs, catching fireflies, and vacation...there are endless ways to celebrate summer!!!

Kids can celebrate summer better than anyone else! They will play hard even when it is scorching hot outside! I started thinking that I wanted a keepsake to remember these long hot days of summer, when my kids were still young. So, I decided to create these summer journals for my kids to fill throughout the next three months.

Supplies: American Crafts "Tea Party" pattern paper, American crafts "Garden Phrases" and "Sprout Accents" rub-ons, scrap cardboard, Modge Podge adhesive, Elmers craft glue stick, 4X6 photo sleeve torn from a 4X6 photo album, manila envelopes

I have read online about children keeping summer journals, but most of what I saw were journals that involved a lot of writing. I wanted something that was more age appropriate for my almost 3 and 4 year old! For this reason, I included a lot of envelopes for storing pictures and collectibles from our summer.

I simply used thin cardboard (the kind that is attached to a tablet of construction paper works perfect) and covered them with pattern paper. I made mine 5 by 9 inches (but you could do any size that you wanted.). I punched holes in the pages using a simple hole punch, attached all the pages with 3 metal rings, and tied scrap ribbon around each one.

Left: Manila envelope labeled "Photos"

Right: A blank piece of card stock that says "Today I...". I included 5 of these pages throughout the journal for the kids to draw pictures and "write" about some of their favorite activities this summer. I also typed the word "Date" at the bottom so that I would not forget to write the date!

Left: A picture of Jesse at the beach.

Right: Vacation page. This will be a place to write a few simple things about any vacation that we take this summer. Next to this page is a large white envelope to keep pictures of our vacation.

Left: A long thin page, covered in pattern paper to do whatever we decide later, and another picture of our family at the beach.

Right: Another vacation page with another large white envelope (I'm hoping we take two vacations this summer...hehe!)

Left: A little tag for whatever comes to mind later and a 4X6 photo sleeve.

Right: Another manila envelope labeled "My summer collection."

This summer journal was easier to make than I anticipated. I was pleasantly surprised by how it turned out and my kids and I are excited to fill it up this summer! You could literally use anything to make these...ziplock bags, envelopes, loose leaf paper, manila folders, scrapbook supplies, paper plates, etc.

I hope every one's summer is off to a good start!


Amber said...

I LOVE this idea!

Brittany said...

What a lovely idea...thanks for sharing your journals!

Truckers and Tatertots said...

love this idea and I will be using it for my littles this summer :)

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