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May 22-28: Signs
Book Suggestions:

Signs on the Road by Mary Hill
Roadsigns: A Harey Race with Tortoise by Margery Cuyler
Signs by David Bauer
Signs in Our Worlds: Spot the Signs All Around You by DK Publishing
I Read Signs by Tana Hoban
Street Safety Hints by Giovanni Caviezel


Description: As you drive or walk around your town this week, point out different road signs to your toddler and see if they can identify the sign's colors. For example, take a walk to a stop sign and ask your toddler to tell you what color it is. When you get home, draw a picture of one of the signs that you saw and ask your toddler to recall what color it was. They can then color the sign that color.
Skills Targeted: color recognition, sensory development, language development, recall details

Description: Road signs come in all different shapes and sizes. Take a walk around your neighborhood with your toddler. Point out different road signs and see if your toddler can identify their shapes.
Skills Targeted: shape recognition, sensory development, language development, pay attention to detail, explore the world around them

Make your own signs:
materials: construction paper, glue, scissors, popsicle sticks
Description: Cut out several different shapes from construction paper. Show each shape to your toddler and ask them to identify the shape and color. Tell them that they are going to make road signs with these shapes. Glue a popsicle stick to each shape. Talk with your toddler about what each sign should mean and write it on the sign. These can be real, fun, or silly signs. Have fun! (For example: Maybe your toddler wants the circle sign to mean laugh. Write the word laugh on the sign and hold it up and laugh with your child.)
Skills Targeted: shape recognition, color recognition, language development, follow directions, sensory development

Description: Some road signs have symbols and some have letters. Throughout the week, have your toddler find signs with letters on them. See if your child can tell you some of the letters that they see on different signs. (if your toddler is older, you can use signs to focus on beginning sounds. For example, read the word stop together on a stop sign and see if your toddler can tell you the first sound that they hear)
Skills Targeted: letter recognition, beginning sound recognition, sensory development, language development, encourage pre-reading awareness

Sign Pictures:
Materials: camera, glue, poster board
Description: Take a walk through your neighborhood or around town with your toddler. Have your child find different road signs and let them help you take pictures of different signs. Print these pictures on your computer or send them to a printing store. Once your pictures are printed show them to your toddler and talk about each sign and what it means. Let your toddler glue the pictures to a poster board and they can use it throughout the week to talk about different signs, their shapes, and colors.
Skills Targeted: sensory development, language development, become aware of the world around them, color recognition, shape recognition

Personalized Signs:
Materials: glue, construction paper, pictures from magazines or pictures of your toddler
Description: Talk about signs with your toddler. Signs tell us something, where and when to stop, or how much gas costs. Talk with your toddler about some signs that you could make for your house to remind you to do different things. For example, you and your toddler could make a sign to brush your teeth! With your toddler find a picture of teeth or a toothbrush or you could take a picture of your toddler brushing their teeth. Glue the picture to a piece of construction paper and write, Brush Your Teeth on it and tape it to your toddler's bathroom mirror. Here are more examples of signs you and your toddler could make together: wash your hands, pick up your toys, feed your pet, eat your vegetables. You and your toddler will have fun coming up with more signs. Hang them around your house and refer to them throughout the week (or longer!)
Skills Targeted: language development, sensory development, follow directions, develop life skills
Stop and Go:
Materials: red and green construction paper, glue, popsicle stick
Description: Prior to doing this activity, cut out a red circle and a green circle from construction paper. Write the word go on the green circle and the word stop on the red circle. Your toddler can help you glue the circles together, and glue a popsicle stick in between the circles. Talk about the two sides of this sign with your toddler and what each sign means.
Go outside with your toddler. Have them stand across the yard from you. Turn the sign so that the stop side is facing your toddler and tell them to stop. Now turn the green side toward your toddler and tell them to go. Keep doing this over and over again. When your toddler sees the green side, they go. When they see the red side, they stop.
Skills Targeted: follow directions, sensory development, motor skill development, read a sign

Songs and Fingerplays:

Stop Signs:
(sung to the tune of the Itsy Bitsy Spider)

The red stop sign stood
on the road side.
When the cars saw it
they all began to stop.
They looked both ways
to see if cars were coming.
If the road was clear
then they began to drive.

Sign Sign:
(sung to the tune of Jingle Bells)

Signs Signs Signs
Signs Signs Signs
Everywhere there’s signs.
Some are red some are blue,
I like signs, don't you?

Signs Signs Signs
Signs Signs Signs
Signs are on the road.
They tell you to when to stop and turn.
Signs can help you learn.

Signs Signs Signs
Signs Signs Signs
There are lots of signs.
Some are circle some are square
Signs are everywhere.

Signs are everywhere:

I see signs everywhere
some are circle, some are square.
Some are high, some are low.
Some are red, some are yellow.
Some are white, some are blue.
Signs tell me what to do.
Signs tell me where to go.
Signs are important, don't you know!

Online Fun:

Visit Sesame Street online for some great videos all about signs.
Check out for a neat printable road sign activity!

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