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May 29-June 4: Rectangles

Book Suggestions:

Rectangles by Sarah L. Schuette
Two Short, Two Long: A Book about Rectangles by Christianne C. Jones
Rectangles by Pamela Hall
Shapes: Rectangles by Esther Sarfatti
Rectangles by Divan Leake


Find the Rectangle:
Description: Show your toddler pictures of a rectangle. Talk about what a rectangle looks like. Go on a walk around your house and find rectangles. (example: picture frames, books, juice boxes etc.)
Skills Targeted: identify rectangles, find rectangles in real life, language development, sensory development

Rectangle Hunt:
Materials: construction paper, a basket
Description: Cut out several rectangle from construction paper. Hide them around your house or outside. Have your child go on a rectangle hunt and find all the ones that you hide. They can put them in a basket and count them when they are finished.
Skills Targeted: shape recognition, counting, motor skill development, sensory development

Rectangle Painting:
Materials: sponge, paint, paper
Description: Cut a sponge into the shape of a rectangle. Your toddler can dip the rectangle sponge into the paint and stamp it onto a piece of paper. Talk with your child about how many sides a rectangle has while they are doing this. You and your little one can count the rectangles on the paper when they are finished.
Skills Targeted: shape recognition, color recognition, counting, identify the number of sides of a rectangle, motor skill development, sensory development

Rectangle Face:
Materials: construction paper, scissors, glue
Description: Cut out a large rectangle (for the face), 4 medium size rectangles (for the nose, mouth, and ears), and 2 small rectangles (for the eyes). Show your toddler the rectangles and talk about their shape (count the sides). Help your child glue the rectangles together to make a face.
Skills Targeted: shape recognition, counting, motor skill development, language development, color recognition

Rectangle Box:
Materials: rectangle shapes shoe box, construction paper, glue, scissors, rectangle shaped objects
Description: Throughout the week, help your little one collect objects that are retangular. Make a rectangle box to store all of their rectangle objects. Cover a rectangle shaped shoe box with construction paper and have your child decorate it. You could write ___________'s (name of child) rectangle box on it. As your child gathers objects they can put them into the box. At the end of the week, take all the objects out, count them, and talk about each one.
Skills Targeted: shape identification, counting, language development, find rectangles in real life
Hop in the rectangle:
Materials: sidewalk chalk
Description: Draw several shapes on the ground with sidewalk chalk. Ask your child to hop in the rectangle. Review all the other shapes also by asking your toddler to move from one shape to the next.
Skills Targeted: motor skill development, shape identification, sensory development, language development, encourage your toddler to get moving

Sorting Rectangles:
Materials: construction paper
Description: Cut several rectangles of each color construction paper. Show the rectangles to your toddler and talk about their shapes and colors. Help your little one sort the rectangles by color. You could also have your toddler sort shapes. Cut out several circles, rectangles, triangles, squares etc. and have your little sort them by shape.
Skills Targeted: develop math skills, sorting, shape identification, color recognition, sensory development

Materials: a variety of different paper and materials, glue, scissors
Descriptions: Before doing this activity, cut a variety of rectangles out of different types of papers (example: newspaper, magazines, construction paper, junk mail etc.) and materials (examples: fabric, felt, foam etc.). Give your little time to observe all the rectangles. Provide glue and a piece of paper for them to make a collage from all the rectangles.
Skills Targeted: shape identification, motor skill development, counting, enhance creativity
Materials: camera, printer or photo lab
Description: Since most photographs are rectangle, it is a great week to have a photo session with your little one. Let your toddler choose what they would like to photograph. You could even show them how to take a picture. Upload your pictures and print 4X6 photos on your home printer or at a photo lab. Your toddler will have fun looking at all their pictures. Talk about the shape (rectangle) of each picture. You and your toddler could even frame their favorite picture or create a photo collage using all of the pictures.
Skills Targeted: shape identification, motor skill development, follow directions, learn life skills, language development, sensory development

Songs and Fingerplays:

Rectangle, Rectangle:
Rectangle, rectangle
With four sides.
Two of them are short
And two are long and wide.

Rectangle, rectangle
A book, box or train
You can be many things,
but you are always the same!

I had a little rectangle:
I had a little rectangle
I put him on a track.
He became a choo-choo train
and he's not coming back.

I had a little rectangle
It became a book.
I read it cover to cover.
I think I'll take another look.

I had a little rectangle.
I laid it on the floor.
Now it is a rug.
I wipe my feet on it, when I come in the door!

5 Little Rectangles:
One little rectangle sat along feeling blue.
Until another came along.
Now there are two.

Two little rectangles sat under a tree.
Another one stopped by,
Now there are three.

Three little rectangles went to the store.
They saw another friend,
Now there are four.

Four little rectangles dancing the jive.
Another joined in,
Now there are five!

(sung to the tune of Old McDonald)
Rectangle with four sides.
Is a shape I know.
Two are long
Two are short
I do like them so!

Rectangle with four sides,
Looks like many things.
Books and trains,
Boxes and rugs
Just to name a few.

Online fun:

Visit to watch videos about rectangles.

Cool Kids:
Cool-Kids-Craft-Ideas is a fun website. Here is a great train coloring page that your toddler can color and identify rectangles.

Recipes and Snacks:

Rectangle Snacks:

Try some of these fun rectangle snacks this week:
graham crackers with your child's favorite topping
fig newtons
Fruit bars
Ice cream sandwiches

Cut your child's favorite lunch sandwiches into rectangles.

Easy Cookie Bars:
Flatten 2 rolls of cookie dough into a 9X13 in. pan. Bake at 350 until you can stick a toothpick in the middle and it comes out clean. When it cools, cut into rectangles. You toddler can even icing the rectangles.

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