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May 8-14: Fish

Book Suggestions:
All About Pets: Fish by Helen Frost
The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister
Fish Out of Water by Helen Palmer
One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss
Rainbow Fish: Colors by Marcus Pfister
Rainbow Fish: Counting by Marcus Pfister
The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark by Geist
Ten Friendly Fish by Debbie Tarbett


Fish in a fish bowl:
Materials: construction paper (or felt), a glass fish bowl (or other bowl of your choice), scissors
Description: Prior to doing this activity cut at least 10 fish shapes out of different color construction paper. Put the fish in the fish bowl and have your toddler pull out one fish at a time. See if your toddler can tell you what color each fish is that they pull out. You and your toddler can also practice counting the fish as you put them back into the bowl. You could extend this activity if your toddler is ready and write numbers or letters on each fish. When they pull one out, have them tell you what number or letter is on the fish.
Skills Targeted: color recognition, number recognition, letter recognition, counting

Fish Shapes:
Materials: construction paper, glue, scissors
Description: cut several shapes out of construction paper (an oval for the body, three triangles for the tail and fins, circles for the eyes). Show all the shapes to your little one. Help them identify each shape. Glue the shapes together to make a fish.
Skills Targeted: shape recognition, motor skill development

Field Trip:
Description: Take your little one on a field trip this week to a local pet store or to the Wal-mart pet section. Your little can look at a variety of fish first hand. You could even have an employee come over and talk to your child about some of the different kinds of fish.
Skills Targeted: understand that fish live in water, observe fish in their habitat, sensory development, language development

Go Fishing:
Materials: stick, magnets, paper clip, construction paper, yarn
Description: You can make a homemade version of the magnetic fish game. (Many stores carry this game if you prefer to buy it). Simply cut fish shapes out of construction paper and attach a paper clip to each fish. Tie a piece of yarn or string around a long stick and attach a magnet to the other end of the string. This will be your toddler's fishing pole. Put all the fish into a pile or fish bowl and have your child go fish. The magnet will stick to the paper clips and your toddler will actually catch the paper fish. Have your little one try to name the colors of each fish that they catch. You and your little one can also count the fish after all of them have been caught.
Skills Targeted: counting, color recognition, motor skill development

Rainbow Fish:
Materials: Construction paper, aluminum foil, glue
Description: Read the book Rainbow Fish to your little one. Talk about the book and how it is good to share. Your little one can decorate their own rainbow fish with aluminum foil scales. Simply cut a fish shape out of construction paper. You and your little one can tear small pieces of aluminum foil and glue them onto the fish to create a shiny rainbow fish.
Skills Targeted: recall details from a story, retelling, learn to share, motor skill development, listening skill development, enhance creativity
Goldfish Crackers:
Materials: multicolor goldfish crackers
Description: Goldfish crackers are not only a great snack but they are also fun for learning and playing! Give a handful to your toddler and talk about their colors. Help your little one sort the crackers by color. You can also use the goldfish crackers to practice counting with your toddler.
Skills Targeted: color recognition, sorting, counting
Go Fish Matching:
Materials: go fish cards (make sure each fish has a match)
Description: If you do not have go fish cards, you can make your own. Simply draw fish on index cards. Make sure that each fish has a match. For example, color two fish red, two fish blue, two fish orange. Etc. Put all the fish cards face up in front of your toddler and see if they can match up the fish cards. When your toddler is ready, give them 3-4 cards and have them pick a card from the “go fish” pile and see if it matches one of their fish cards. (You and your toddler could also play the game of Memory with these fish cards.)
Skills Targeted: matching, sensory development, color recognition, follow directions
Fish Puppet Theatre:
Materials: a cardboard box, blue paint, scissors, construction paper, Popsicle sticks
Description: Cut the top and bottom flaps off of the cardboard box and cut one long side off of the box. The box should have three sides when you are finished and stand up like a tri-fold. Cut the top of the tri-fold to look like water. Have your toddler help you paint the box blue (this will be the water). Cut out fish shapes from different color construction paper and glue each one to a Popsicle stick. When all the paint and glue dry, you and your toddler can make the fish puppets swim in the water. Your little one can use the puppets and water to pretend play.
Skills Targeted: learn through play, enhance imagination, motor skill development, understand that a fish lives in water

Counting fish:
Materials: construction paper, scissors, markers, blue construction paper
Description: Cut out a river from blue construction paper and cut out at least 10 paper fish. Talk to your toddler about fish and where they live. Give your toddler the paper fish and have your little one line them up in the river. Count the fish with your toddler. Write the numbers 1-10 on each fish, in order. Have your toddler practice counting, touching each fish as they go. Take the fish away and help your toddler put them back in the river in number order.
Skills Targeted: counting, number recognition, one to one correspondence, understand that fish live in rivers and other bodies of water

Songs and Fingerplays:

See the Little Fishies:
See the little fishies
Swimming in the sea.
I went under water
And all looked at me.
I tried to give one pat
And all scattered, just like that.

5 Little Fish:
5 little fish in the deep blue sea
The first one swam away from me.

4 little fish in the kelp.
The second one saw my fishing pole and screamed for help.

3 little fish hiding behind a stump.
Out of the water, the third one jumped.

2 little fish swam toward my hook.
The fourth came over to take a closer look.

1 little fish swam away.
I guess I will try to catch some fish another day!

Fish in the pond.
(Sung to the tune of This Old Man)
A little red fish jumping up and down.
A blue one swam around and around.
An orange fish hid behind a rock.
A yellow fish swam under the dock.
A blue fish ate a mouth full of grass.
A green fish floated by me last.
So many colors do I see
Under the water in front of me.

Fish Fish Fish:
(sung to the tune of Jingle Bells)
Fish Fish Fish
Fish Fish Fish
all different kinds of fish.
Some have spots, some have stripes,
There are so many different types.

Fish, Fish, Fish,
Fish, Fish, Fish
All different kinds of fish.
They can breathe under water using their gills
Underwater, they stay still.

Online Fun:

Gone Fishing:
Wondertime Go has a great printable fishing game for you and your little one to play together. Check it out here.

Fish Art Game:
Check out Kids Play Park for a cute fish art game! You and your toddler can create your own underwater pictures together.

Five Fish in a Bowl:
Check out first school to print a template of a fish bowl and 5 fish. Your little one can color the fish and fish bowl, practice counting the fish, and practice cutting out the templates.

Recipes and Snacks:

Goldfish Crackers snack

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