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April 24-30: Flowers

Book Suggestions:
Flowers by Anna Pomaska
Oh Say Can you Seed? by Bonnie Worth
Flower Evening by Eve Bunting
The Reason for a Flower by Ruth Heller
Zinnia's Flower Garden by Monica Wellington
What Does Bunny See by Linda Sue Park


Plant Flowers:
Materials: potting soil, pot, flower seeds, water
Description: Talk with your toddler about how flowers come from seeds. Plant seeds into a pot with your toddler. Be sure to add potting soil and let your toddler water the soil. Check on your flower daily, water it, and watch it grow.
Skills Targeted: understand how things live and grow, develop science skills, motor skill development, language development, understand what a flower needs to grow, understand that flowers come from seeeds

Flower Walk:
Description: Take walk around your neighborhood or your yard with your little one. Encourage them to find flowers. Talk about their colors and size. Count the flowers. You and your child could even pick some flowers (from your yard) and put them in a vase in your house.
Skills Targeted: color recognition, compare and contrast, language development, sensory development

Flower Collage:
Materials: seeds, flowers, glue, paper
Description: Talk with your toddler about flowers. Provide a variety of different color flowers (real or fake) and seeds for your toddler to look at and touch. You and your toddler can create a flower collage by gluing the flowers and seeds to a piece of paper. Talk about the colors of the flowers while you do this.
Skills Targeted: understand that flowers come from seeds, sensory development, language development, motor skill development

Count Seeds:
Materials: seeds
Description: Provide several seeds for your toddler. Your little one can practice counting the seeds. You could even draw 10 circles on a piece of paper. Write the number 1-10 in each circle. Place one seed in the circle with the number 1. Place 2 seeds in the circle with number 2. etc.
Skills Targeted: counting, number recognition, one to one correspondence

Materials: Markers or crayons, glue, sunflower seeds, paper
Description: Draw a large sunflower shape onto a piece of paper. Let your child color the sunflower. As they are coloring you could talk about the petals, stem and leaves. Talk with your toddler about flowers growing from seeds. Glue several sunflower seeds into the middle of your flower. (count the seeds)
Skills Targeted: counting, language development, motor skill development, understand the parts of a flower

Sort Flowers:
Materials: a variety of different color flowers (paper, felt, fabric flowers would work great), several vases or flower pots
Description: You and your toddler can sort flowers by color. Place a variety of flowers in front of your toddler. Help them to put all the pink flowers in one vase (or pot), all the yellow flowers in another vase or pot, all the orange flowers in a different vase etc. (or just sort them into piles, as I did in the picture) You and your toddler can count all the flowers in each vase when you are finished. Talk about what vase has the most flowers and which one has the least.
Skills Targeted: compare and contrast, understand the opposites more and least, color recognition, sorting, counting

Sponge Flowers:
Materials: sponge, paint, paper
Description: Before beginning this activity, cut several sponges into flower shapes. Your toddler can make flower prints by dipping the flower sponge into paint then stamping it on their piece of paper. You could add more detail once the flowers dry by drawing stems and leaves on your stamped flowers. Talk about the different parts of a flower while you do this with your little one.
Skills Targeted: motor skills development, enhance creativity, language development, understand the parts of a flower

Flower Press:
Materials: computer paper, heavy books, flowers, paper towels, water
Description: Take your toddler on a flower hunt through your yard. Let them pick some of their favorite flowers. Carefully wash (with cool water) the flowers and dry them completely with a paper towel. Fold a piece of computer paper in half and place the flower in the middle of the folded paper. Place the paper inside a heavy book. Place several more heavy books on top and let the flowers sit for a couple of weeks. After 2 weeks, open the book and carefully remove the flowers. You and your little one can do many fun things with their preserved flowers, such as: Make a greeting card, frame them, make a collage etc.
Skills Targeted: enhance creativity, appreciate nature, color recognition

Make a Bouquet:
Materials: a variety of flowers
Description: Giving flowers to people is one way to show our love or appreciation for that person. Talk with your toddler about someone that they would like to give a bouquet of flowers too. You and your little one can pick real flowers from the backyard and wrap the stems together with a wet paper towel. Wrap aluminum foil around the wet paper towel to hold in the moisture and to hold the flowers together. Deliver you bouquet in person! You could also send flowers to someone via email. Your toddler could help you come up with a nice message to go along with the flowers.
Skills Targeted: Show love for others, develop life skills, be kind

Water Flowers:
Description: Have your toddler help you water all the flowers and plants around your house this week. Talk to your little one about how flowers need water to grow.
Skills Targeted: understand that living things need water, language development, develop life skills, help around the house

Make your own Lei:
Materials: felt or heavy fabric, yarn, tube type noodles
Description: Cut flower shapes out of felt or heavy fabric (you could even use cardstock). Punch a hole in the center of each flower, to string the yarn through. Give your toddler a long piece of yarn and have them string one flower then one noodle. (You may have to help your toddler with the stringing.) Tie the yarn/necklace around your toddler’s neck and they have a new flower lei. If your toddler is a little older, alternate flower colors to make a simple pattern. For example blue flower, red flower, blue flower, red flower. Talk to your toddler about this AB pattern.
Skills Targeted: understand pattern, color recognition, motor skill development

Songs and Fingerplays:

Flowers, Flowers:
(sung to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle)

Flowers, Flowers
in the ground.
Look at these that I found.
One is yellow and one is pink.
I like the red one best, I think.
Flower, Flowers, grow from seeds
and give food to bugs and bees.

5 Little Flowers:
Flowers have many petals
Many petals, many petals.
Flowers have many petals
of all different colors.

Flowers all have a stem,
have a stem, have a stem.
Flowers all have a stem
to help them drink water.

Flowers all have green leaves,
have green leaves, have green leaves.
Flowers all have green leaves
of all shapes and sizes.

10 Little Seeds:

10 little seeds planted in the dirt.
Give them some water...squirt, squirt, squirt.
Make sure they get lots of sun.
Then each little seed will grow one by one.

I love Flowers:
(sung to the tune of Do You Know the muffin man)

I love flowers, pink and red,
pink and red, pink and red.
I love flowers, pink and red.
I love flowers.

I love flowers orange and yellow,
Orange and yellow, orange and yellow.
I love flowers orange and yellow.
I love flowers.

I love flowers purple and white,
Purple and white, purple and white.
I love flowers purple and white.
I love flowers.

Online Fun:

Hand Flower:
First School has an adorable flower craft for you to try with your toddler using their handprints. Check it out here.

Flower Gallery:
Your toddler will enjoy looking at pictures of Flowers here.

Coloring Pages:
You can print these flower coloring pages for your little one to color this week.

Snack Ideas and Recipes:

Flower Cookies:
Ingredients: cookie dough, flour, flower cookie cutter, icing, food coloring, rolling pin
Directions: make cookie dough according to packaging directions for rolled cookies. Put cookie dough in the refrigerator for an hour or so. Sprinkle flour on surface and rolling pin. Roll dough to about ¼ inch. Have your toddler help you cut the cookie dough using the flower cookie cutters. Put on a baking sheet and bake according to packaging directions. Separate icing into boils and have your toddler add several drops of food coloring to make different colored icing. When the cookies have cooled, your toddler can help you decorate the cookies with the icing.

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