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April 17-23: Eggs
Book Suggestions:
Eggs by Marilyn Singer
The Legend of Jellybeans and the Unbreakable Egg by Joe Troiano
The Golden Egg by A.J. Wood
Horton Hatches the Egg by Dr. Seuss
Scrambled Eggs Surprise by Dr. Seuss
Eggs by Jerry Spinelli
An Extraordinary Egg by Leo Lionni
The Golden Egg Book by Margret Wise Brown
Dying Eggs:
Materials: Easter Egg dye, cups, eggs
Description: Hard boil several eggs for your toddler to dye. Be sure to let the eggs cool and follow the directions on the Egg Dye. Your toddler will have a blast dying their own eggs. Here are some extra ideas to try while decorating eggs: Let them draw on the eggs with a white crayon before dipping the eggs into the dye. Dip the eraser side of a pencil into tempera paint and make polka-dots on the dyed eggs. Use non-toxic felt-tip markers to draw designs on your eggs. Make striped eggs by cutting thin strips of masking tape and securing them to an egg then dying it. Remove the tape for white stripes. Fingerpaint on eggs. Glue sequence on eggs.
Skills Targeted: enhance creativity, color recognition, motor skill development
Egg Hunt:
Materials: plastic or hard boiled eggs, basket
Description: Have an egg hunt party at your house or a local park. Invite several of your toddler's friends to come along if you want! Before doing the egg hunt, you could fill the plastic eggs with small cookie, crackers, or gummy snacks. Hide the eggs (or scatter them) and let your toddler find the eggs and put them in their basket. When they are finished, help your toddler count the eggs that they found. You and your toddler could also sort their eggs by color.
Skills Targeted: counting, color recognition, sensory development Count 12 eggs:
Materials: an egg carton, construction paper or plastic eggs
Description: Before doing this activity, cut out 12 egg shapes from construction paper or you can simply use plastic eggs. Help your toddler count the eggs as your put them into the egg carton. You can count them again while you take them out of the egg carton. Having the egg carton will make counting a little more fun!
Skills Targeted: counting, motor skill development Egg Sounds:
Materials: plastic eggs, several small objects that will fit into each egg
Description: Place a different object into each plastic egg. (ex: paper clip, penny, cotton ball, small jingle bell, rice). Let your toddler shake each egg and listen to the different sounds that each object makes. You can help your toddler open each egg to see what is inside.
Skills Targeted: sensory development, language development Egg Paint:
Materials: paint, a box, a piece of paper, a hard boiled egg
Description: Place a piece of paper inside a box. Drop a few drops of paint onto the piece of paper inside the box. Place the hard boiled egg into the box and holding the sides of the box, roll and shake the box gently so that egg rolls around. You can repeat this activity several times, each time dropping different color paint onto the paper. When you are finished the egg and the paper will be decorated.
Skills Targeted: enhance creativity, motor skill development, sensory development, color recognition Where's the Egg?
Materials: 3 cups, a plastic egg
Description: You and your toddler will have fun guessing what cup the egg is under. Simply place the plastic egg under one of the cups, while your toddler is watching. Then move the cups around, switching their order, and see if your toddler can follow the cup that has the egg. Have your child guess what cup their egg is under.
Skills Targeted: make a guess, sensory development Egg Fun:
Materials: Large cardboard box, several plastic eggs
Description: Let your little one have fun with eggs. Fill a large cardboard box with several plastic eggs and put your toddler in the box! They will love playing in their egg box and tossing the eggs around. Have your toddler pick up eggs and tell you what color they are.
Skills Targeted: sensory development, color recognition
Sorting Eggs:
Materials: 5 or 6 empty egg cartons (or you could simply use paper plates), a variety of plastic eggs
Description: Your toddler can learn to sort by color using plastic eggs. Help your little one sort all their plastic eggs into the egg cartons. Fill one egg carton with all red eggs, another egg carton with all yellow eggs, and another egg carton with all of the blue eggs (etc.). Continue until all the eggs are sorted.
Skills Targeted: color recognition, sorting by color, motor skill development, sensory development Egg Toss:
Materials: Cardboard box, plastic eggs, scissors, markers (optional)
Description: Cut a hole in the cardboard box. (you could draw a picture such as an Easter basket on the box with markers and cut a hole in the basket) Have your toddler try to toss their plastic eggs into the hole. Count the eggs that they make into the hole! If you don’t have a cardboard box, simply have your toddler toss the eggs into their Easter basket.
Skills Targeted: motor skill development, get moving
Explore eggs:
Materials: a raw egg, a hard boiled egg (be sure it is cool), a bowl
Description: Help your toddler explore a real egg. Talk with your child about how eggs come from chickens, how we buy our eggs at the grocery store, and how we eat eggs, etc. Let them hold both the raw egg and the hard boiled egg. Ask them how they feel. Do they feel different? Do they look different? What color are they? Now break both eggs. (Break the raw egg into a bowl; however, do not let your toddler touch the raw egg). Let your child look at both eggs. How are they different now? Your toddler can taste the hard boiled egg. Your child can stir the raw egg. You could even make scrambled eggs with the raw egg. Eggs can be cooked in different ways.
Skills Targeted: compare and contrast, understand the opposites same and different, explore and observe eggs, sensory development, language development
Eggs are hard:
Materials: an egg, a variety of hard items (ex. rock, book, penny), a variety of soft items (tissue, cotton ball, sock)
Description: Let your toddler feel an egg. Explain to your toddler that eggs are hard. Put several hard and soft objects in front of your toddler and ask them to find other hard objects like an egg. After then have picked out the hard objects, have them feel the soft objects. Explain that soft and hard are different.
Skills Targeted: compare and contrast, understand the opposites hard and soft, sensory development, language development
Materials: egg, spoon
Description: Your toddler can practice balance by placing an egg on a spoon and trying to walk, holding the spoon, without letting the egg fall. You and your toddler can have spoon/egg races!
Skills Targeted: motor skill development, encourage your toddler to get moving, sensory development Songs and Fingerplays:
Humpty Dumpty:
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the kings horses And all the kings men,
Couldn't put Humpty together again.
(sung to the tune of Jingle Bells)
Eggs, Eggs, Eggs
Eggs, Eggs, Eggs,
I am dying eggs.
Some are purple,
Some are blue,
Yellow, orange,
and red ones too.
10 Little eggs:
1 little 2 little 3 little eggs
4 little 5 little 6 little eggs
7 little 8 little 9 little eggs
10 little eggs in my basket.
5 little Eggs:
5 colorful eggs I wish I had more.
I will eat one And now there are 4.
4 little eggs That I see.
I will eat the red one, Now there are three.
3 little eggs. One is blue.
I will eat it. Now there are 2.
2 little eggs. This is fun.
I will eat a green one. Now there is 1.
1 little egg left all alone.
I ate it Now there are none.
Online Fun:
E is for Egg:
Check out
Starfall Learn to Read for a little clip about eggs and the letter E. (click on E)
Egg Games:
Check out some fun egg games at Incredible Egg. (You may have to help your toddler play some of these games.)
Egg Match:
Crack these baby dinosaur eggs and match the dinosaurs inside. Play at Kids Play Park.
Recipes and Snacks:
Hardboiled eggs
Scrambled eggs
Fried Eggs:
Put a fun twist to traditional fried eggs. Grease a pan and the sides of a cookie cutter. Set the cookie cutter in the pan and crack the egg inside the cookie cutter. The egg will take the shape of the cookie cutter.
Cookies and Cakes:
Bake cookies or a cake with your toddler and let them crack the eggs and add them to the batter.

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