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Next week's theme is Green!

Book Suggestions:

Colors by Simms Taback
My many colored Days by Dr. Seuss
The 10 Color Book by William Accorsi
How Do Dinosaurs Learn their Colors by Jane Yolen
Once There Was a Christmas Tree by Smath
Baby's First Christmas: Learning about Colors by Lauren Gaede


Green Hunt:
Materials: paper strips, markers, tape
Description: Write the word green on several strips of paper. Walk with your toddler around your house or outside. Every time your toddler sees something that is green, have them label it by taping one of the green paper strips to it. Each time your toddler does this spell the word green together.
Skills Targeted: color recognition, color/color word association, letter recognition

Shades of Green:

Materials: green and white paint, paper, paint brush.

Description: Put three piles of green paint onto a piece of paper. On the first pile have your toddler paint with just the green paint. On the second pile have your toddler add a little bit of white paint to the green paint and have your toddler mix them together with paint brush. On the third pile of green paint, add a lot of white paint and have your toddler mix them together with a paint brush. Talk with your toddler about the colors of each paint. What happens when you add white to the green paint? Which color is darkest? Which is lightest?

Skills Targeted: color recognition, mixing colors, compare and contrast colors, understand the opposites light and dark, sensory development, motor skill development, language development

Mixing Colors:
Materials: blue and yellow paint, paper plate, printable picture of a something that is green, paint brushes
Description: Squirt some blue paint and some yellow paint onto a paper plate. Ask your toddler to identify both colors. Have your toddler mix the two colors together until it makes green. Ask your toddler what color they see now. Use this newly made green paint to paint green picturet. (You can print these pictures from the coloring section below).
Skills Targeted: Color recognition, motor skills
Green Wreath: Materials: green construction paper, scissors, pencil, glue, yarn, hole punch.
Description: You and your toddler can make a green handprint wreath together. Trace your little one's hand several times on the green construction paper (You could also trace other family members' hands to include in the wreath). Have your toddler count all the hands and identify their color. Cut out all the hand prints and have your child help you glue them together in a circle, making a wreath. You and your toddler can add details, such as berries or a bow. Punch a hole in the top of the wreath and hang it with yarn on your child's door. Your toddler could add shamrock stickers and glitter to make a St. Patty’s Day wreath!
Skills Targeted: counting, color recognition, motor skills

Green Playdough:
Materials: green playdough
Description: You and your toddler will have fun creating green objects with your green playdough. Before you begin playing have your child tell you what color the playdough is. Together think of some things that are green and make them together.
Skills Targeted: color recognition, language development, motor skills

Many Green Medians:
Materials: green pen, green markers, green crayons, green pencils, green paint
Description: Give your child several different medians to create with (green pens, markers, crayons, pencils, and paint). Let them get creative drawing a green picture. They could even include green glitter, green pompoms, green sequence etc. Write the word green real big on your toddler's paper.
Skills Targeted: color recognition, color/color word association

Red Means Stop, Green Means Go:
Materials: red and green construction paper, marker, popsicle stick
Description: Cut a circle from the red and green construction paper. Have your toddler identify the colors and talk about a stop light and what the colors mean. Red means stop and green means go. Write the word Go on the green circle, write the word stop on the red circle. Glue the red and green cirlce together with the popsicle stick in between them to create a handle. Have your toddler stand across the room from you and show them the red side so that they stop. Turn the sign around and show "go" and your toddler can start to walk. Keep turning it back and forth and have your toddler stop and go according to the color that they see.
Skills Targeted: color recognition, motor skills, following directions

Green Shamrock Hats:
Materials: green paper, scissors, glue, glitter, stickers
Description: Cut out several strips of green paper and a shamrock shape. Staple the strips of paper together (big enough to fit around your toddler’s head). Have your toddler glue the shamrock to the strips of paper and decorate it with glitter and stickers.
Skills Targeted: color recognition, enhance creativity and imagination, motor skill development

Green Thumb Print Leprechauns:
Materials: green paint or green stamp pad, black marker, paper
Description: Dip your toddler’s thumb into green paint or onto a green stamp pad and stamp their thumb print onto a piece of paper. Create a leprechaun by drawing legs, arms, a face, and a hat onto the thumb prints. Talk about the color of the thumb print. Count the leprechauns.
Skills Targeted: color recognition, counting, enhance creativity and imagination, motor skill development

Sorting Color Cirlces:
Materials: different color construction paper, scissors, markers, yogurt container
Description: Cut out circles from different color construction paper. Help your toddler sort the circles by color. Count each group of colors. Talk about what color has the most and least. Cut a slit into a yogurt container and have your toddler put the circles into the container. Have your little one tell you the color of each circle as they put it into the container or count the circles.
You could extend this activity by writing color words onto the circles and reading the color words as your toddler puts the circles into the container or write numbers on each circle and review number recognition with your toddler as they put the circle in the container.
Skills Targeted: color recognition, sorting, motor skill development, compare and contrast, understand more and least, color word recognition, number word recognition

Color Gloves:
Materials: a pair of gloves, paint, paint brush
Description: Have your toddler help you paint each finger on a pair of gloves a different color. When the paint dries your toddler can wear these gloves and review their colors.
Skills Targeted: color recognition, motor skill development

Green Treasure Hunt:
Materials: different color beads, a bowl or bucket
Description: You and your toddler can go on a green treasure hunt. You can pretend that you are leprechauns looking for a pot of “green” gold. Put a variety of color beads into a bucket or bowl and have your toddler pick out all the green beads. Count the beads. You and your toddler can sort all the different color beads also.
Skills Targeted: color recognition, sorting, enhance imagination, motor skill development

Green Pictures:
Materials: camera, 4X6 mini album
Description: Walk around your house and outside with your toddler. Have your toddler point out things that are green. Take a picture of everything that your toddler points out. (If you toddler has a camera, they can take their own pictures). Download the pictures to your computer and print them. Place them in a 4X6 album for your toddler to look at throughout the week.
Skills Targeted: color recognition, find green objects, follow directions

Songs and Fingerplays:

Green, Green, Green
(sung to the tune of Jingle Bells)

Green, green, green
Green, green, green,
I see lots of green.
Trees are green,
frogs are too.
I love green don't you?

Green green green
green green green
I see lots of green.
Brocolli's green
spinach is too
green vegatable are good for you.

Green green green
Green green green
I see lots of green
leaves and lizards
some snakes are too
I love green don't you?

I had a Green Tree:
(sung to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb)

I have a tree and it was green
it was green, it was green.
I have a tree and it was green
The tree is green.

I have a frog and it was green
it was green, it was green.
I have a frog and it was green.
The frog is green.

I have a lizard and it was green,
it was green, it was green.
I have a lizard and it was green,
The lizard is green.

Online Fun:

Coloring Pages from



Trees and Leaves

St. Patrick's Day Coloring



Snacks and Recipes:

Snack Ideas:

green grapes
green pears
green Kiwi
green pistachio pudding
green jello

Ingredients: cookie dough (packaged or homemade), shamrock cookie cutter, icing, green food coloring
Directions: Make cookie dough according to packaging directions. Roll onto a floured surface have your toddler help you cut the dough with a shamrock cookie cutter. Bake according to packaging directions. Once the cookies have cooled, have your toddler add several drops of green food coloring to white icing. (talk to them about what color they are making). Stir to make green icing and your toddler can frost the cookies with the icing. They can add green sprinkles for an extra sparkle.

Green Smoothie:
Ingredients: banana, vanilla yogurt, honey, milk, ice, green food coloring
Directions: In a blender, combine the banana, vanilla yogurt, honey, milk and some ice. Blend until smooth. Have your toddler add a few drops of green food coloring. Serve with a straw.

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