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January 23-29: Squares

Book Suggestions:

Squares by Jennifer S. Burke
The Legend of Spookey the Square Pumpkin by Joe Troiano
Yellow Square by David A. Carter
Squares by Sarah L. Schuette
Bear in a Square by Stella Blackstone
Round and Square by Miriam Schlein
So Many Circles, So Many Squares by Tana Hoban


Draw Squares:
Description: You and your toddler can practice drawing squares all over. Here are some suggestions for drawing squares:
*Use markers and paper to draw squares
*Smear shaving cream on a table or wall in the bathtub and draw squares in with your fingers
*Draw squares in sand or dirt with a stick or your finger
*Paint squares using a paint brush
*Fingerpaint squares

Skills Targeted: recognize shapes, draw shapes, motor skill development

Find the Squares:
Materials: construction paper, a basket
Description: Prior to doing this activity cut different sized and colored squares from construction paper. Show your toddler one of the squares and talk about it's shape (four equal sides). Spread the squares all over your living room (if your toddler is older, you could actually hide the squares). Give your toddler a basket or bag and have them collect the squares. Count the squares that your toddler finds and talk about their color.
Extension: If your toddler is older, you could also cut circles, triangles, rectangles and other shapes from construction paper and hide them also. Then encourage your toddler to only pick up the squares and put them in his basket.

Skills Targeted: recognize shapes, counting, color recognition, language development

Materials: Square blocks
Description: Your toddler can learn about squares by playing with blocks. As your toddler is playing, talk about the shapes of the blocks. You can also count the blocks with your toddler.

Skills Targeted: encourage independent play, build imagination, motor skill development, language development, counting
Make a Square:
Materials: construction paper, glue
Description: Cut 4 equal strips of paper from construction paper. Show your toddler a picture of a square and talk about its 4 equal sides. You and your toddler can put the strips of paper together to make a square. Count each side as you put it on. You can glue the strips onto a piece of paper to create a square or continue to put this homemade square puzzle together over and over.

Skills Targeted: shape recognition, counting, motor skill development, language development
Square Hunt:
Description: While you are out and about during the week, look for squares wherever you are. You and your toddler can also go on a nature walk together and look for squares in nature or on the street. You can count the squares that you find and talk about their colors as well. You could also take pictures of squares that you find. Print the pictures and talk about them with your toddler.

Skills Targeted: shape recognition, find shapes in nature, counting, language development, learn to appreciate nature and the world around you
Square Man:
Materials: construction paper, glue, scissors
Description: Cut out several different sized squares from construction paper. Give them to your toddler and see if they can put them together to make a face.

Skills Targeted: shape recognition, motor skill development, enhance creativity

Square Collage:
Materials: squares of all different shapes and sizes, glue, paper
Description: Have many different sized and colored squares available for your child. You can cut them from construction paper, newspaper, magazines, junk mail etc. Your toddler can make a square collage by simply glueing the squares onto a seperate sheet of paper or paper plate. Count the squares with your toddler and talk about their colors.

Skills Targeted: shape recognition, language development, counting, color recognition
Wall Shapes:
Materials: Large shapes cut out of construction paper, tape
Description: Tape several large shapes to the wall and have your toddler pick out the squares. Talk about all the shapes and their colors.

Skills Targeted: Shape recognition, language development, color recognition

Materials: Coat hanger, yarn (or ribbon), construction paper, hole punch.
Description: Make a shape mobile from a coat hanger and construction paper. Cut out several different shapes (or you could just make all squares) from construction paper. Punch a hole at the top of each shape and tie a piece of yarn or ribbon through the hole. You can have your toddler become more involved by letting them color or decorate the shapes. Tie the other end of the ribbon to the coat hanger. Hang the mobile in your child's room and talk about the different shapes throughout the week. Have your toddler find the squares on their mobile.

Skills Targeted: Shape recognition, language development
Play Dough Squares:
Materials: Play dough
Description: You and your toddler can learn all about squares by using play dough. Help your child to make squares of different colors and sizes.

Skills Targeted: motor skill development, shape recognition, understand the size of things, compare and contrast, color recognition

Songs and Fingerplays:

What Shape is this?
(sung to the tune of Do you Know the Muffin Man)

Do you know what shape this is?
What shape this is?
What shape this is?
Do you know what shape this is,
I'm holding in my hand?
(show your child a square and have them guess the same. You can continue this song with different shapes)

I Have four Sides:
(sung to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb)

I am a shape that has four sides,
Has four sides,
Has four side.
I am a shape that has four sides,
I am a square.

Squares have four sides:

What shape has four sides
That are all the same?
What shape has four corners.
A square...that is my name!

(sung to the tune of Pop Goes the Weasel)

I am a small square.
I have four sides you see.
I also have four corners.
They're just right for me.

Shape Hokey Pokey:

(Sung to the tune of The Hokey Pokey)

***Cut several large shapes from construction paper to give your toddler before singing this song. As you sing about each shape, your little one will hold that shape.

Hold a square up,

Hold a square down,

Hold a square up and shake it all around.

You do the Shape Pokey as you find each shape

Look at you, you're doing great!

Hold a circle up,

Hold a circle down,

Hold a circle up and shake it all around.

You do the Shape Pokey as you find each shape.

Look at you, you're doing great!

Continue this song for rectangle, triangle, diamond etc.

Online Fun:

Watch these Sesame Street Videos, all about squares, with your toddler.

Square Pictures:
Click on the different pictures from Thinking Fountain to view squares that can be found around our world.

Matching Shapes:
Match the shapes at The Kidz Page.

Recipes and Snacks:

Bread Squares:
Since sandwich bread is square you can make just about any type of sandwich for your child for lunch or a snack. Cut the crust off to get a more realistic square. Talk about the shape of the sandwich before you child eats it.

Rice Krispy Treats:

Rice Krispys

Make rice krispys according to the recipe on the box of Rice Krispys. Cut into squares for a fun and yummy snack during square week.

Graham Crackers:
Spread your favorite topping onto a square shaped graham cracker for another good snack during square week.

2 squares of graham crackers
hershey bars

Place a large or several mini marshmellows and a couple of pieces from the Hershey bar on top of one graham cracker. Place the second graham cracker on top. Place in microwave until the marshmellow and chocolate begin to melt. (If you have a fire place, you could make these the traditional way by roasting the marshmellow). These square snacks are fun to make and great to eat.

Lime Squares:
These delicious lime squares are made using limes instead of lemons. They are a delicious square treat for you and your little one.
Check out the recipe at Wondertime.go.

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