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December 26-January1: Circles

Book Suggestions:
Colors and Shapes by Flash Kids Editors
Curious George Shapes by H.A. Rey
SkippyJon Jones Shape Up by Judy Schachner
My Very First Book of Shapes by Eric Carle
The Shape of Things by Dayle Ann Dodds
Shapes by Justine Smith
Shapes, Shapes, Shapes by Tana Hoban


Circle Frisbees:
Materials: paper plate, crayons
Description: Create an original Frisbee with your toddler. Have them color a paper plate. Talk about the shape the of the paper plate while they are coloring. Throw the paper plate like a Frisbee when they are finished.

Circle Collage:
Materials: circular objects from around the house (ex. coins, bottle caps, paper circles, sequences etc), construction paper, glue
Description: Gather circular objects from around the house with your toddler. Talk about the shape of the objects that they find. Have your toddler create a circle collage by gluing all of their objects onto a piece of construction paper.

Find the circles:
Materials: construction paper, tape, scissors
Description: Cut out several large shapes out of construction paper. Lay the shapes on the floor. Have your toddler pick out the circles. You can also talk about the other shapes after they find all the circles.

Ring Around the Rosy:
Description: Play ring around the rosy with your child. Talk about how they walk in a circle to play. You can even draw a large circle on the ground with side walk chalk and walk on the cirlce when you play Ring Around the Rosy.

Circle Chips:
Materials: Poker chips (or other cirlce objects such as coins), yogurt container
Description: Cut a slit in the lid of the yogurt container. With the lid on, your toddler can drop the poker chips in the yogurt container. Talk about the shape and color of the poker chips while your child is playing. You and your toddler can count the chips as well.

Bingo Dobbers:
Materials: bingo dobbers, paper plate
Description: Your toddler will have a blast using bingo dobbers. Allow the to decorate a paper plate with the dobbers. Talk about the shape of the plate and the dobbers while they are doing this activity.

Traffic Light:
Materials: black, green, yellow, and red construction paper, glue
Description: Make a traffic light with your toddler. Have circles cut out from red, yellow and green construction paper. Your toddler can glue the cirlces onto a rectangular piece of black construction paper. Talk about the shape and colors in the traffic light. They can use their traffic light to play with cars and trucks.

Circle Nature Walk:
Description: Go on a nature walk with your toddler. As you are walking outside, find circles in nature.

Description: Your toddler can enjoy circular shaped snacks throughout the week. Try sliced bananas, cheerios, crackers, cookies etc. Talk about the shape of these snacks as they are eating them.

Circle Shakers:
Materials: two paper plates, hot glue or staples, crayons, dried beans or rice
Description: Have your toddler color two paper plates. While they are doing this, talk about the shape of the plates. When they are finished put dried beans or rice on one plate and hot glue or staple the other plate to it. (be careful not to let your toddler touch the hot glue or the stapler). Wait until the hot glue dries and give it to your toddler to shake, while you sing the Circle Song (you can find this song below).

Hula Hoop:
Materials: hula hoop
Description: You and your toddler will have fun playing with hula hoops. You can show your toddler to hula hoop, jump in and out of the hula hoop, walk around the hula hoop, or put objects into the hula hoop. Talk about the shape of the hula hoop while you play.

Songs and Fingerplays:

Draw a Circle:

Draw a circle in the air.
Use your finger, put it there.
Go around and around.
When you get back to top spot…stop!

Circle Song:
(sung to the tune of jingle bells)

Circles, Circles
Circles, Circles
Round and Round they go.
Hula hoops, coins, and crackers
Are a few circles that I know.

Do you Know it's a Circle:
(sung to the tune of Hokey Pokey)

Put a circle in
Put a circle out
Put a circle in and shake it all about
Do the shape shake
And shake it up and down
That’s what its all about.

(continue this song for different shapes. You can cut out shapes for your toddler shake as they sing)

Lets Go Round the Hula Hoop
(sung to the tune of London Bridge is Falling Down)

Walk around the hula hoop, hula hoop
Walk around the hula hoop.
Lets go round and round.
(walk around a hula hoop as you sing)

Online Fun:

What can you make: brings you a fun game to play online with your toddler. They can create objects using a variety of different size circles here.

Match Circles:
Your toddler can match circles by size and color here.

Find the Circles:
Your toddler can find circles in pictures here.

Recipes and Snacks:

Circle Foods:
Give your toddler a variety of circle foods for snacks throughout the week. (banana slices, ritz crackers, cookies etc.)

Circle Sandwiches:
Cut your toddler’s favorite sandwich using a circle cookie cutter.

Make cookies:
Have your toddler help you make cookies. Use a circle cookie cutter or drop cookie dough by spoonfuls to make circle cookies.

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